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What is engine carbon removal?

Carbon builds up in all internal combustion engines. Over time, this accumulation of carbon buildup prevents your car engine working at its optimum efficiency, which can result in high fuel consumption, poor vehicle performance and cause potentially costly damage to engine parts eg: Turbo, EGR, DPF, Cat Converters, Valves just to name a few.

An annual or every 15,000 ks engine carbon removal has been shown to prevent these problems.

Engine Carbon Removal uses a process called Pyrolysis, where we produce a specially formulated and controlled hydrogen gas using our lightweight and portable state-of-the-art 12V digital decarbonising unit. While your vehicle is running, the hydrogen gas is introduced into the engine through a hose that is temporarily connected to the air intake of the vehicle being cleaned, to remove carbon buildup in your engine. The inclusion of the hydrogen gas causes a pyrolytic reaction which simply means increasing the combustion temperature by up to 800 deg, which, in turn, literally disintegrates carbon buildup from inside your vehicle’s engine.

A regular engine carbon removal will also help to prevent substantial carbon build up from recurring, ensuring that your vehicle’s engine remains clean. By removing unwanted carbon build up, further engine deterioration and damage can be easily prevented. This will keep your engine working more effectively and smoothly for longer, creating an improved driving experience for you.

the benefits

  • Removal of Engine Carbon Deposits
  • Decreased Engine Emissions
  • Increased Engine Performance
  • Increased Engine Life
  • Restored Engine Torque
  • Prolonged Turbo Life
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Reduced DPF Failures
  • Prevents EGR Issues
  • Eliminates Flat Spots
  • Quieter & Smoother Running Engine
  • Results in Less than 1 Hour

What Makes Engine Carbon Removal Unique?

We are one of the first, fully self-sufficient mobile engine carbon removal services to use a lightweight and portable state-of-the-art 12V digital decarbonising unit, we do not use a customer’s electricity or any other utility. We are also the first mobile engine carbon removal service to offer customers a genuine 10% OFF an engine carbon removal service when they present our Engine Carbon Removal Discount Coupon, as well as being the first mobile engine carbon removal service to actually pay our customers
$10.00 if one of their friends books an engine carbon removal service with us using one of our flyers we leave with you.

Engine Carbon Removal is a fully mobile service that comes to a location that best suits you, no matter if you want us to come to your home, workplace, a shopping centre carpark or public area. We offer certainty that your engine carbon removal service will always be conducted by a qualified and friendly Technician, in only one hour. Engine Carbon Removal improves your engine’s performance, increases engine fuel efficiency and reduces harmful emissions, your engine will feel rejuvinated.