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why do engine carbon buildup happens?

Today’s engines become dirty due to ever important anti-pollution requirements. and in addition for road going vehicles the problem worsens when taking into account imposed speed limits, fuel quality and stop/start city traffic. This issue manifests in all diesel and petrol engines causing carbon deposits to slowly build-up within the engine resulting in damage to components such as saturated EGR valves, clogged DPF filters, and dirty/sticky turbochargers

What are the repercussions of not removing engine carbon buildup?

The repercussions are increased pollution & emissions, reduced peak performance, poor fuel economy and eventually damage to the engine components. This problem effects all road going vehicles (cars, motorbikes, light commercial and HGV etc), boat engines, as well agricultural / plant machinery and even light aeroplanes. Basically if it has a petrol or diesel engine it will suffer from carbon build-up

what makes engine carbon removal unique?

We at Engine Carbon Removal supply a fully mobile service where we will bring our Carbon Removing machine to you and in an average of 45-60 minutes remove the carbon build up from your engine – $150.00 for your average car.

Our Technicians offer one of the most comprehensive services in Australia.

We will perform a full diagnostic scan of engine management for error codes with our ODBII port scanners.

Once satisfied your engine is safe we will commence the carbon removal.

Unlike our competitors our machine requires no external power source. Instead it draws power from your vehicles battery. This not only ensures the service is 100% mobile but 100% save. As our Carbon Removal Machines digital technology also uniquely works in tune with the engine’s requirements, constantly monitoring voltage and amperage changes then adapting accordingly.

We attach our automated Carbon Removal machine to your battery & it is also temporarily plumbed into the air intake. This allows a small and safe amount of hydrogen gas into your engine at the required levels. Over the next 45-60 minutes this thoroughly cleans the engine of most of the carbon from the air intake right through to the end of the exhaust.

What are the benefits or engine carbon removal?

Once the service is complete the benefits are instant! The resulting benefits from preventing carbon build up are:

  •  Lower Emissions / Less Pollution
  • Potential Fuel Savings
  • Restored Performance (Horsepower)
  • Restored Torque
  • A more responsive and smoother power delivery
  • Less Vibrations and Engine Noise
  • Unclogged components such as EGR valves, DPF filters and sticky turbos
How do i book an appointment?

Contact us 0415181836 to book one of our Mobile Technician from your area

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A carbon clean takes just 45-60 minutes. Our team of experts recommends booking your car in for a carbon clean every 15,000 ks or 12 months.