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We Remove Carbon Buildup from Your Engine in ONLY 1 HOUR!

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Engine Carbon Removal is the new way to rejuvinate your engine!

Did you know that decarbonising your vehicles engine with hydrogen is a quick and easy process  that only takes one hour and can make your vehicle more fuel efficient as well as improve torque, reduce emission levels & give back the crispness you have lost over time?

We temporarily connect our mobile decarbonising unit to the air intake of your vehicle to remove carbon buildup from your engine, helping to restore the original performance of your diesel, petrol, hybrid, 4WD, motorbike or boat.

Our engine carbon removal system 
  • Helps reduce DPF failures
  • Helps prevent EGR issues
  • Helps eliminate flat spots
  • Helps increase engine torque
  • Helps improve fuel economy and reduces carbon emissions    

Diesel, Petrol and Hybrid Cars, 4WD Vehicles, Motorcycles and Boats
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How Engine Carbon Removal Works!

Engine Carbon Removal uses a process called Pyrolysis, where we produce a specially formulated and controlled hydrogen gas using our lightweight and portable state-of-the-art 12V digital decarbonising unit. While your vehicle is running, the hydrogen gas is simply introduced into the engine through a hose that is temporarily connected to the air intake of the vehicle being cleaned, to remove harmful carbon buildup in your engine.

The inclusion of the hydrogen gas into the combustion process causes a pyrolytic conversion which increases the combustion temperature by up to 800%, which in turn, literally disintegrates carbon buildup from inside your vehicle’s engine.

Also ask about getting a DPF clean, EGR clean or a Fuel System and Injector clean.

Quick and Easy Service

A carbon clean takes just 45-60 minutes. Our team of experts recommends booking your car in for a carbon clean every 15,000 ks or 12 months.